Community information session on Ebola

Experts will be taking questions and presenting facts about Ebola, including:
•Travel and screening at airports
•Grief & mental health
•Public health and hospital preparedness
•Quarantine and isolation
•Community impact

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 Attend an Open House on the Riverview Corridor

With the successful completion of the Green Line, attention has now turned to another critical transitway link for the east metro region: the Riverview Corridor.  This essential transit link between downtown St. Paul and the Mall of America, via the MSP Airport, is a very important connection to help drive growth in the CBD and the larger region.  Plan to attend one of the two scheduled open houses to learn more about the project and the process that will be used to determine the best transit alternative for the corridor.

 Click here to see the open house flyer for details.
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 Downtown St. Paul

BOMA successfully launched our new website!  After 20 years,  BOMA has moved from the printed version of the Market Report and revamped it with BOMA's brand new website, Downtown St. Paul DataSource.  Alongside the regular annual office data that BOMA is known to provide,  the website will also include new sections on residential and retail growth.  With its launch, DataSource becomes the first integrated, downtown development-centric website in the country.

You can visit the new site at: