January Classes Available!

Managing the Organization-SMA 

Start Date:  Mon., January 12th Seven weeks total
Test Date: Schedule through off site testing facility.
Class Time: Mondays - 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.  

Knowing how a structure functions, and your role in maintaining it effectively, you are involved in the repair and replacement of structural items such as floors, ceilings, interior walls, and windows, and you need a basic understanding of building design, materials, codes, regulations, and structural systems and finishes.  You also need to be familiar with maintenance procedures and equipment, grounds maintenance, and preventive maintenance, as well as construction documents.  In this course, you will cover the characteristics, uses, and properties of common building materials, as well as building regulations, codes and standards.

Key topic areas:
common building materials and systems in building foundations, curtain walls, windows, roofing systems, interior finishes flooring, interior walls and ceilings, vertical transportation, grounds maintenance and inspection, construction documents  

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Refrigeration Systems and Accessories – SMT

Refrigeration Systems and Accessories – SMT

Start Date:  Wed., January 14th, Seven weeks total.
Test Date: Schedule through off site testing facility.
Class Time: Wednesdays - 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. 

Maintaining the proper comfort level in an office environment is essential for tenat satisfaction.  Refrigeration equipment is a key component of an air-conditioning system that must be properly maintained and operated at maxium efficiency.  This course reviews the basic refrigeration cycle and refrigeration system components, asw well as how t0 operate and maintain reciprocating and absorption refrigeration system.s  You will gain the skills and knowledge to describe the principles of refrigeration and identify the performance characteristics of refrigeration components.

Key topic areas:

•Refrigeration cycles and principles • mehcanical components of refrigeration systems • systematic troubleshooting • general maintenance procedures • 

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Downtown St. Paul

BOMA successfully launched our new website!  After 20 years,  BOMA has moved from the printed version of the Market Report and revamped it with BOMA's brand new website, Downtown St. Paul DataSource.  Alongside the regular annual office data that BOMA is known to provide,  the website will also include new sections on residential and retail growth.  With its launch, DataSource becomes the first integrated, downtown development-centric website in the country.

You can visit the new site at: www.spdatasource.org